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General data protection regulation (GDPR)

Zürich massage therapy operates in accordance with General data protection regulation. GDPR provides a framework for setting a high standard of personal data protection of all EU citizens. Clients and partners with whom Zürich massage therapy communicates or cooperates, are subject to all necessary standards and business practices that provide personal data protection. Personal data is any data related to an individual whose identity has been identified or can be identified.

Agreement for data collection

Personal data are collected in a transparent and legitimate way. All data collected must be under clear and precise agreement collected. Every subject needs explicitly allow its data to be stored and used for a clearly defined purpose. It must also be clearly defined why the data is collected and how they will be processed.
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Technical protection

Communication channels that Zürich massage therapy uses, are supported with security certificates and protocols that ensures the data flow is protected.

Reports and Demands

Zürich massage therapy provides their clients and partners with all necessary tools that certify that the use of personal data is in accordance with the Regulation.
• Report on Collected Data and Data Collection Method
• Report on clearance or erasure od personal data
• Requests for deleting and forgetting data
• Data storage and data clearance

Data storage

Data is processed and kept only as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which the data was collected.

Right to delete

The Client may request deletion of the data and upon his request the deletion will be executed, except where the data are necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes why the data was collected. After deletion, the client receives confirmation of the deletion of personal data.

Client’s and partner’s rights

Clients and partners whose data is processed by Zürich massage therapy have the right to know for which purpose their data is being processed and the period in which the dana will be processed. Clients and partners have right to request for Zürich massage therapy to delete their data. They have the right to request deletion of part of the data.

Collecting personal information

Collecting and processing personal information of all clients that Zürich massage therapy delivers software solutions are not in the jurisdiction and access to Zürich massage therapy. This means that Zürich massage therapy is not a data processor or has any presence there. Data collection and processing are in this regard in full control and jurisdiction of the client to whom Zürich massage therapy has delivered a software solution.

Forwarding personal data

There is a legal basis for Zürich massage therapy to forward personal information. It is conducted on the basis of a written request based on the applicable regulations, according to state bodies.

Personal information inquiries

Clients can obtain rights under the General data protection regulation by submitting an inquiry to following email address: zurichmassagetherapy@gmail.com