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The challenge of a regular yoga practice

von | Mrz 9, 2022 | Yoga and Pilates

I will do yoga every day.. well starting from tomorrow, clearly!
Or even better it’s already Wednesday I should start on Monday… you know what it will be surely better if I start on the 1st of January.
Consistency is the hardest thing in the world, all goes well until you are on track and as soon as you skip one day, you skip another, and you are rolling downhill.
The moment I had most consistency in my life was when I lived in Australia, my yoga class was at 6 am, I got up a 5.30 a quick shower and then a 10 minute bike ride off to yoga. By 7.30 while sipping coffee before my first client at 8 I felt so amazingly alive.
Moving back to Switzerland it has been hard to find the same rythme, getting up before 6.30 seems impossible with the sun coming up so much later, the weather being cooler and finding the right studio to go to.
Here are a few tips on how to stick to your yoga practice:

remember how you feel afterwards


Find a spot for your mat. I don’t mean where you store it in between practices, but a physical free spot that is clean an inviting.


Stick to same time same day routine.


If you skip one day, dust off your shoulders, tomorrow you start again, no one died and it’s ok.


Yoga is about respecting yourself and tuning in, sometimes rest is what you need


Aim for 1 pose a day. If you do 1 pose everyday of your life that’s a lot of yoga, and it’s not daunting to achieve

As I often say to my yoga students at my Zürich massage and yoga clinic when you are struggling remember you do savasana every night before sleeping, just get on the mat 2 minutes, tune in breathe, chances are that once you are on the mat you will feel inspired to do 1 more pose, and if not you have done something little for yourself, you can build on this.

There is power in commitment, if you have someone holding you accountable it will be easier, it might be the yoga studio membership that you pay for, or the weekly private class you signed up for, or a friend you do yoga with. The reason why my private yoga students choose a pack of 10 class rather than booking week to week is because this establishes a routine that is easy to follow, same place and time every week.

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During the first lockdown I read a book called “Finish”, if you are an overachiever well it might be an interesting read, what I got out was that perfectionism will kill your results, so forget the fresh faced yoga teacher always smiling, sometimes finishing means to get out of bed, crawl on the mat in your pjs and do two restorative yoga poses.

The other point that resonated with me was to cut your goals in half, if you are aiming to do 1 hour a day, try 30 minutes a day ( you can always exceed your expectations) or if want to do a great inversion double the time to get there, instead of reaching it in 1 month double it to two.
Teaching yoga is meaningful because you are part of someone journey towards themselves.

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