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Practice yoga on the mat not Instagram

von | Apr 27, 2022 | Yoga and Pilates

So when you think of a yoga teacher.. a lean skimpy outfit back bending Instagram star.
One of my clients asked me if I could do the splits the answer is nope not even close, not sure if I even will get there again in this lifetime, I could do it easily when I was 10.

Really and you teach?

Yep I do, and I love it it gives me so much meaning to guide others in feeling better, re-centering , creating space in their body and minds. Ego is actually not a component of the practice so getting better is a great bonus but not the objective. I can easily say that some of my students have a more advanced practice than mine, but my job is to guide not to compete.
What you see it’s not always real, like the 12 years girls dressed up and photoshopped on magazines to pretend to be women, the yoga world is very much the same. Don’t get me wrong plenty of great practitioners with better flexibility than mine, but also plenty of not so genuine people that practice only for photo shoots.

Yoga is a so much more than asanas, poses, it’s a whole way of life, this philosophy and tool set accompanies us everyday.
If there is something I would like to get across is yoga & on the greater spectrum exercise is and can be for everyone. Age is irrelevant, weight, flexibility, state of health. There are ways to adapt a practice to virtually anyone, for sure not every yoga style will suit each person but you can find your version.

Apparently there is over 100 ways to the dishes so…

At the end of the day if there is one thing that I hope to teach my students and myself in my Zurich yoga classes, is the ability to tune in their body and mind and listen, create space for your body to move, and create space to listen to your true self. ❤️

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