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Lymphatic drainage and breast cancer

von | Mrz 9, 2022 | Massage therapy

I have been working for many years with women suffering from lymphoedema after lymph nodes removal due to breast cancer. It is delicate journey with many physical and emotional changes. All the sudden the body is not able to reabsorb the lymph as it would normally and therefore there is swelling pain and heat radiating from the affected area. If left untreated there can be cellular damage due to inflammation and extreme pain.

Lymphatic drainage is very gentle, the therapist will manually move the fluid around, finding new pathways where the is restriction from scar tissue and helping the body to reabsorb the extra fluid.

It is amazing how something so gentle can be so effective, here is the story of one of my clients that I have worked with for many years.

„The role of my massage therapist, Lilla Iacopini has been crucial in my recovery and management of breast cancer treatment. I have been a client of Lillas since completing treatment for my second occurrence of breast cancer in 2011. Due to surgery, infection, chemotherapy, intensive radiation and ongoing hormone treatment (causing inflammation and joint problems), my situation has been complex.
Resulting in my most recent treatments, I now have the added complication of lymphoedema to manage.

I came to Lilla for Lymph drainage massage and the ongoing success of her expertise both in this and remedial massage has transformed my quality of life, allowing me to cope and manage with the symptoms as they arise.
My initial diagnosis was at the age of 36, my second at 42 and I had three young children to care for. In the years that I have dealt with medical professionals, Lilla has been the most positive and focused supporting therapy I have come across. She manages to look holistically at my current issues and gets me to live the best and as pain free that I possibly can.

She is intelligent, professional and practical with her massage and advice.
I strongly believe the role of massage therapy is critical in serious illness recovery and maintaining full health. I don’t believe I would have progressed as I have without the ongoing massage treatment.
I recommend Lilla and her services to all that I can. I am confident that Lilla manages my situation with such a high degree of care and professionalism that I want others to experience in their lives..

My treatment has allowed me to live my life fully again and maintain life with my family as well as returning to work part time.“

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