My therapy background is integrated in my teaching, specifically working with muscles imbalances and postural changes. If you are unsure, had a recent or old injury and need guidance in a safe practice, don’t know where to start, lets do it together.

Yoga Anwendungen


Haltung Verbesserung




Flexibilität Aufbau






As life changes so does your body and I can help you find the right balance in exercise right now. Don’t let your exercise routine be like that bra that once fitted you and you think it still does, lets find the right fit now.
It seems that everyone is a yoga and pilates teacher nowadays and it’s great to see how popular these disciplines are becoming, on the other hand choosing a teacher is tough.


Building health and balance


Restore optimal muscle length and flexibility


Prepare for pregnancy


I get asked often what type of yoga I teach and practice and find it a very tough question. I practice whatever my body needs at the time, sometimes very slow restorative, sometimes vinyasa flows, sometimes yin. I teach what I think you need the most at the time, even though I write classes for specific needs and clients I check with you at every session, see where you are physically, emotionally and energetically and go from there, it’s spontaneous based on what you tell me and my perception. What is means is that even if the general goal is to improve headstands if you turn up exhausted we will do a nourishing slower practice, or perhaps you had one of those days, then we will work on a intense flow and disperse the extra energy and finish off with heart openings.
I want to make exercise accessible to every WOMAN, even the women that think they are too unfit, too old, too inflexible, too fat, too uncoordinated, too much in pain.


In Switzerland we have the great luxury of complementary health insurance that offers many preventive modalities, yoga is not covered by all of them but a few. Not all teachers are accredited because there is additional study that is required outside of the yoga itself, a background in anatomy, physiology and pathology is required. If your therapist is registered for yoga therapy or hatha yoga you can rest assured that they have a set standard level of knowledge.
With many online qualifications the industry standard varies enormously from school to school country to country, these accreditation not only guarantees that the minimum hours of yoga teacher training are 300 or over, that they studied anatomy and pathologies as well but also that your teacher is required to do further training every year to keep up with the industry and maintain their health insurance registration.

THERAPEUTIc benefits

Improve energy and stamina

Release back pain

Improve proprioception

Release chronic pain

Improve balance