Post pregnancy exercise


Did you know that for the first 6 months after the birth your body is still very elastic due to the higher collagen and elastin that were produced by your body to allow you to give birth. At this moment your lower back is a little bit weaker especially if you had a c section.



Shoulder pain due to breastfeeding


tiredness and exhaustion


lower back pain


feeling of weakness


being run over by a truck


I explain to my clients that your back is like a sandwich, back muscles are 1 piece of bread, front muscles another piece of bread and the spine is the filling, if the front bread has been cut through it will weaken the sandwich.
I know that it is nearly impossible to think of yourself when your little baby has arrived in the world, but as a mum it’s essential that you look after yourself and are healthy and strong.

exercise safely

Safe post natal exercise to build strength

keep moving

Learn the do’s and don’ts of post natal exercise

quicker post delivery recovery

Rebuild your strength
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It’s very important that you take the time after the first 12 weeks have gone by to reinforce your body and rebalance your back. Of course it’s extremely difficult to put your needs in front as a new mum. But looking after your health is a necessity not a luxury.
If you had a C section chances are that if you have a second child, it will also be delivered by the same way, this will further impact your strength, it’s best to build your strength back up in between pregnancies


Pain relief

Strength building

Switching your core on post c section

Decreased stress hormone levels

Builds self esteem/ body image self love

Better sleep