Group yoga classes

The group yoga classes are set in a beautiful studio in in an old Zurich town house from the 14th century, a cozy and quiet retreat in the middle of the city.

  Small & personal max 9 students

Group yoga classes in Zürich


It’s nice to create community. I can’t stress this enough, it`s so nice to create familiar faces, a kind of yoga family to encourage each other.
Intimate and small means loads of corrections time for adaptations, yep I got my eye on you, let’s have good form.
Small allows me to know your injuries.
The goal is to empower my students to learn to regulate and make choices that serve them and their health.
Developing awareness, that is something you take with you off the mat and in your daily life.

Why should you choose a regular class and stick to it?

Classes are planned on themes that flow from one another as we explore different topics for example chakras, starting at root chakra and travelling up towards illumination 😊
Of course, you don’t need to attend everyone if it doesn’t suit but I am trying to give you access to strong building blocks for your practice.

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Trial lesson | 20 CHF
Single class | 35 CHF
Pack of 5 | 160 CHF
Pack of 10 | 300 CHF


Friday | 18-19 Hatha yoga

EMFIT label, our yoga classes are recognized by health insurance under fitness and prevention, you might be entitled to 150-1000 CHF per year for fitness, check directly with your insurer.


About me and how I teach

Group yoga and pilates classes-Lilla-Iacopini
„It doesn’t matter where you are at now, if you feel unfit, if you are in pain or simply want to feel your best, let’s start your journey.“

Hands on

I correct my students with the ultimate goal in mind of them starting to correct themselves, very proud moments 😊


I think a bit of encouragement goes a long way, I am a star chart positive reinforcement kind of girl.


Push to explore

At the end of the day it should be fun and part of it is to test your boundaries and not to take life too seriously, I certainly don’t mind when I wobble on my foot.

Got your back when you are in pain

Exercise is fantastic tool to ease pain, with my background as therapist I can help you discover what movements are safe and help your body.

Individual and solutions oriented

We have all different bodies, ages, injuries and that should be reflected in way exercise, I cant wrap my leg around my neck and have not the most flexible body but through exercise my goal is to find movement that suits me, makes me stronger and more balanced, there is not one solution for all, but I believe that everyone can exercise


Women centred

I confess I like to feel strong, I love to plank and I somehow ended in a plank competition a few Christmas ago and won over the guys ( my pb is 5 min, after which I decided that planking more than 5 minutes even if possible is boring), so by women centred I don’t mean soft I mean respecting the amazing things that the female body offers. Like the ability to carry a child and give birth, the fluctuations of our energy levels and the different needs through the cycle and menopause. As a specialist in Women’s health in my training we explore, pelvic floor, rehab after birth, and how to practice in a respectful way towards our body and soul. I also understand how your posture is affected by your breast size, how hypermobility can create loads of pain and how to manage it.

Curious about the themes?

Group yoga classes


For yoga we will start with the 7 chakras (the light and shadow aspects and how to get an over or under active chakra back in harmony, bandhas why energy blocks in our bodies are so powerful, feminine yoga, how to adapt your practice to the moon and your cycle.


For pilates we start with alignment, how do need to breathe and why, feet, knees, hips shoulder and neck position. Proprioception, feel where you are in space. Once you understood the breath and neutral spine we will get to the fun parts like fixing your hunchback posture, how a good posture makes you not only feel sexy but will add years of quality of life, and slowly the magic will happen, left and right hemisphere of your body will rebalance.

Both in yoga and pilates strong bases essential for progression and a more advanced exercise in not necessarily better.

Yoga & pilates class etiquette


Arrive 5 minutes early

Be sure to arrive on time, giving yourself the minutes you need to check in, put away your items, roll out your mat, and gather any props you’ll need for class.

Leave your shoes at the door

By removing your shoes, you’re not only helping with studio cleanliness, but you’re respecting a space that’s revered and cherished by others.

Switch off your phone

Phones are to be put away during the class, as a form of respect to the other students, no selfies etc

Leave your ego at the door

It is not a competition, take the modifications that you need.

Be nice to yourself and the others.

Leave the judgment at the door, no one is perfect

Tell your teacher about any injuries

If you’re injured or sore just don’t feel like being touched, tell your teacher before class begins.

Clean up

Bolsters, mats and straps—yoga is a prop-happy practice. The studio provides all props, be sure to return them to their rightful place upon leaving. If you’re borrowing one of the studio’s mats, be sure to wipe it thoroughly and hang it up. You are also welcome to bring your own if you prefer.


Unfortunately, there is no space to store your mat at the studio.


If you can’t attend, please notify us by mail or text 24 hours prior