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The solution to chronic pain

Connective tissue or fascia is a glove that acts like scaffolding and keeps us in our shape, like a web it connects muscle to muscle and muscle to bone and supports our internal organs, it’s thin but strong. Through stress, long term bad posture, injuries some areas become restricted, get “kinks”, impeding movement and creating pain.



Chronic lower back pain


Chronic upper back pain


Hip imbalances









Deep tissue

The more we advance in age the less supple we become and fascial issues are more common as life goes by. Why does this matter? Because if you keep only treating the muscles instead of releasing also the fascia your benefits will be short lived and the same patterns will keep happening again and again. Soft tissue massage takes care of the muscles health while deep tissue rebalances the fascia that due to injury stress and trauma can become restricted and glued together.
We are looking at the perfect balance between strength and flexibility that magic equilibrium called “health”.

Effective pain relief

Chronic pain issues involve the deep layers of fascia

better posture

Improve your posture by releasing deep seated blockages

better quality of movement

Release the patterns that block your joint movement
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How is fascial release different?

First of all most of the time is done without oil in order to get a good grip and stretch out the kinks. Some techniques include long slow strokes that engage and stretch the tissue trigger point therapy, focused pressure in the area of restriction that releases the secondary pain patterns. Myofascial sliding cups,the tissue is lifted and pulled in order to be lengthen Yin yoga, long passive stretches that don’t engage the muscles but the fascia, and by long i mean long between 3-10 minutes depending on the area.
Any injury or pain pattern that is over 6 months old requires fascial work in order to heal 100%. Any scar will impact the fascia and is important to be mobilized


Ease of chronic pain

Postural improvement

Improved flexibility

Improved muscle function
Improved circulation by releasing the areas where the blood flow is restricted