Burn out program

The burn out health program is a combination of different therapies to get you back to yourself





Burn out


Chronic fatigue




Work bulling


Are you on stress leave? Feeling overwhelmed at work? Got to the point where you are not doing so well anymore?

First of all, you are not alone. With ever demanding careers and lives it’s completely understandable that we can get overwhelmed as we charge too much stress on our plate
Take the time me to reconnect and rebalance yourself
I have assisted many clients during this stressful time, one step at the time.

Breathwork course


Holistic massage

Breathwork course

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Breath and stress run hand in hand , as the stress level rises we stop breathing, therefore we feel more stress- a vicious circle.
Holding your breath or not breathing properly will also be affect you physically, your posture, your sleep and your energy levels.
Learn to breathe again with simple exercises that are thousands of years old. It’s safe simple and effective

Holistic massage

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With the stress hormones rising we often detach ourselves from our bodies and „live in our heads“ this is a double edge sword; we stop listening to the body feedback and limits and therefore push beyond what’s natural and healthy, and we constantly live in our minds reinforcing those stress patterns and thoughts.
Holistic massage helps to return to your body and out of the head while melting the stress patterns that you are holding.
Pränatales Yoga & Pilates Zürich-massage-center-zurich


Mindful movement is the healthiest solution to ground your energy and lower stress levels. With a combination of different asana and mindfulness practices designed to recenter you
I have assisted many clients through this difficult transition and with an ever demanding career and self criticism it’s easy to get to the edge.
Looking at the bright side if you found this page you have found a resource to help, you have acknowledged the problem that’s already half the work.

Let me help you

Download 3 simple breathing techniques to calm me down link


Reclaim your self

Gain health

Calm down your mind

Return to work

Find your new balance