Reduce pain, improve your health, move with ease.
Zürich massage therapy is a women’s health clinic providing massage, rehab yoga and pilates private lessons.
I am passionate about women’s health and have over 15 years experience.
I help women staying healthy and recover from injury in every stage of life with the ever changing needs, from triathlons competition, to heavy work loads to pregnancy & menopause with an array of different techniques to assist your health goals.


Long term solution to your aches and pains


Classes tailored to your individual needs


Massage and exercise to accompany you during your journey

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Back and shoulder pain

Do you suffer from back or shoulder pain?
Headaches and migraines?
Are you sitting at your desk 8+ hours a day?
We can help you feeling better fast, with

  • Full postural assessment to work out the cause of your pain and stiffness, not only the symptoms
  • Professional massage targeted to your area of tightness
  • Individually designed exercise program to follow. Maximum of 3 exercises to do as we know that you are busy
  • Workshops to learn how to effectively stretch and keep healthy in between treatments.

• Personalized yoga and Pilates Classes for maximum results

Zurich group yoga class-Group pilates class

Our services


Would you like to exercise in a safe and intelligent way to compensate your daily office posture and learn how to care for your body, then join me for therapy-based yoga and pilates. Small classes in the heart of Zürich with a maximum of 9 students to allow individualised attention and hands on correction, in a relaxed non-judgemental supportive environment.


Based on Chinese medicine this massage stimulates the meridians and brings your body into balance.

yin yoga

Slow yoga poses held 3-8 minutes to deeply release tension


Stimulates pressure points on your feet to induce your inner ability to heal

Our services


Are you already pregnant or planning to start a family?
At Zürich massage therapy you will find pregnancy massage , over 1000 babies have relaxed alog side mums in my hands in the last 20 years, pre and post natal yoga and pilates to allow you to arrive to the delivery day in great shape and recover as painless as possible from the birth and fertility yoga to assist your conception journey. A relax environment a therapist that understand the fluctuations of pregnancy birth and life.
Pregnancy massage will assist you:

Reducing upper and lower back pain


Reducing stress hormone levels


Getting better sleep


Reducing swelling in hands and feet


Improving your mood


Assisting your body through the continuous change


“Welcome to my website I’m Lilla,
I have been a massage therapist for nearly 20 years, I’m passionate about helping you to find your best health balance.”

Yoga & Pilates

Are you starting a new exercise routine?
Recovering from an injury?
Are you wondering what exercises are safe during pregnancy, or when to start exercise after the birth?
Would you like to improve your posture?

Together we will achieve your goals of becoming stronger, fitter and more flexible.
If you are unsure of what is the difference between yoga and pilates read the article below.



The philosophy at Zurich massage therapy is to work with each individual client designing a complete health program to get them back on track. With a background in massage therapy within injury rehabilitation clinics, sports centers, elite athletes in Olympic games, Commonwealth games and both clinical Pilates and Yoga training I can help you to achieve better health and better results.


Tailored massage treatments


Reduce pain


Individualized yoga and pilates classes


Health insurance accredited treatments

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